Elma G. Bradley Elementary School


Welcome to Kindergarten!

The Kindergarten year carries the responsibility for wholesome beginnings of adjustment to society. It is the place where children develop a feeling of accomplishment through doing; add to their security through satisfying experiences; and gain a sense of importance in their social world.

The Kindergarten program at Bradley addresses the CA State Standards. In Mathematics we study patterning, sorting, counting, numerosity, 2 and 3-d shapes. In Language Arts we learn the letter names and sounds, 25 high frequency words, writing sentences and letter formation. In Science we study weather, time of day, the life cycles of the butterfly, pumpkin and apple and the rocky seashore. In Social Studies we learn about our community and the people who live in it, how to interact with others, holidays and historical figures. We use computers to enhance our knowledge of technology and to supplement our curriculum in Language Arts. Art projects are woven throughout the curriculum and throughout the year.