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Cell Phone Policy

Students may use the office phone in the case of an emergency with a note from their teacher.  Students may bring cell phones to school for the purposes of safety only. Use of cell phones during the school day may disrupt teaching and the learning environment. They are to remain turned off, and inside backpacks. Cell phones are not allowed to be used while the child is in the custody of the PVUSD unless given specific permission by a staff member. This time period starts at the beginning of the school day at 7:15 and extends to the time the student arrives home.  These guidelines will be followed during after school activities, field trips, and during bus time.

If a cell phone rings or if a student is using one without permission, PVUSD staff will follow this protocol: confiscate it, send it to the office, file a discipline referral. After the first infraction: the student may pick up item at the end of the school day; second infraction: a parent must pick up the item; third infraction: the item will be stored for pick-up after the last day of school in June.

The school will not be responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged, or confiscated phones, or for usage fees resulting from such confiscation.