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Mission and Vision Statements


    School Vision

  • All members of the Bradley School Community maintain that a collaborative spirit is essential to the pursuit of academic excellence.
  • We seek to provide a safe learning environment and a high quality program of instruction in which students effectively collaborate with their peers while learning to make choices and set personal goals for success.
  • We acknowledge that a respectful environment in which students feel self-confident and proud of their work, results in a learning experience in which enjoyment, imagination, and independence flourish. Our program honors and values the diversity among us thereby enriching the learning experience.
  • We value and seek to provide innovative programs to enhance and strengthen our curriculum which include technology, visual and performing arts, and a variety of enrichment opportunities.
  • We work in unison to support home-school-community activities through active communication, effective forums, educational opportunities, and participation in community service.
  • We value and recognize the contributions and input of every member of the Bradley School community as vital to our collective success. We are proud that our school and its culture remain unique in many ways.

Mission Statement

   We are committed to:

  • Academic excellence
  • A safe learning environment in which all students are supported in reaching their highest potential
  • An appreciation for the world’s diverse inhabitants and cultures
  • Mutual respect and responsibility
  • A strong community partnership